Who pays for Bike the Bend?

Many organized bicycle rides are established to raise funds for a specific cause or organization. That is not the case with Bike the Bend. We are not raising funds for any organization and the cause is YOU.  Bike the Bend is a celebration of family, friends and community where you can ride  side by side with each other, on 30+ miles of vehicle restricted streets and trails, enjoying each other and the community.  Our first Bike the Bend in 2010 drew over 1,750 riders. Bike the Bend 2013 had over 2,000 riders.  Click here to join our e-mail list to receive updates on our plans for our 5th anniversery Bike the Bend on June 8, 2014.

Given the scope of Bike the Bend, many think the event is put on and paid for by local government.  That is not the case.  Bike the Bend is led by a 100% volunteer Steering Committee, which works side by side with several local government departments in planning Bike the Bend. Since Bike the Bend takes place on many public streets, safety and awareness is our first priority.  To assure rider safety, Bike the Bend contracts with the Cities of South Bend and Mishawaka and St. Joseph County to provide public safety officers at busy intersections to direct motor vehicle traffic while our riders are crossing and to provide signage along the route for the benefit of riders and non-riders alike.  These paid professionals work side by side with our volunteers to make Bike the Bend a positive experience for all.  We receive no funding from local government.  Bike the Bend is financially dependent on rider registration fees, merchandise sales, and support from individuals and community businesses and organizations. 

Rider registration fees are purposely kept affordable so as many people as possible can experience their community through Bike the Bend. Children, 17 and under, ride free when riding with an adult.  Scholarship and volunteer opportunities are available to those who cannot afford the registration fee.  Approximately 60% of the expenses of Bike the Bend 2013 were covered by registration fees and merchandise sales.  The remaining expenses were covered through sponsorships and grants from community leaders, businesses and organizations who see what Bike the Bend brings to the community.

As the number of riders increase, Bike the Bend will become a self sustaining event through rider registrations and merchandise sales.  Any profits not reserved for the next Bike the Bend will be invested in our community through financial support for improvements to bicycle trails and routes, bicycle safety and community education programs, expansion of bicycling opportunities and increased awareness of the benefits bicycling offers to individuals and our community.  

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