Who are Louise Addicott and Georgina Joshi?

Louise and Georgina made lasting impressions on everyone they met.  They had a special relationship that went beyond their mother-daughter bond.  They were best friends.

“It is not what you can do for yourself
but what you can do for others; that’s what counts.”
--Louise Addicott

Louise enjoyed riding her bicycle to Farmer’s Market, Notre Dame and Potawatomi Zoo.  She loved exploring different South Bend neighborhoods and sharing those explorations with her husband, Yatish, and children, Georgina, Tenzing and Avatar, on bike rides together. It is Louise’s vision that created Bike the Bend. She took pleasure in side by side riding with family and friends so that they could talk, laugh and enjoy nature.

Georgina’s gifts extend beyond her obvious talents as a musician and singer. She took pleasure in collaborating with other musicians and was known for her natural grace and generosity. Learn more about Georgina by visiting The Georgina Joshi Foundation, Inc.

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