Where does the money go?

We get asked this question a lot.  Our goal has always been to celebrate family, friends and our community as Louise Addicott envisioned.  Our goal is  to provide a safe, family-friendly bicycle ride so people can experience different parts of our community; it is not to raise money.

Bike the Bend, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation run operated totally by volunteers.  Rider registration fees, corporate sponsorships, individual contributions and merchandise sales pay the expenses of the bike ride such as:

  • Signage and public safey officers along the route and at major intersections
  • Refreshments and facility expenses for the Pancake Breakfast and SAG stops
  • Allowing us to provide an affocrdable outing for families by waiving rider registration fees for children age 17 and younger.  25% of our riders are aged 17 or younger.


Except for a balance set aside for future bike rides, remaining funds are returned to the community as financial support for community initiatives.  Bike the Bend, Inc. has provided financial and volunteer support for:

  • Share the Road....Every Life counts public awareness program
  • Development, maintenance and signage for area multi-purpose recreational trails and bicycle routes, the South Bend Bikeway and mountain bike trails
  • Helmets and bookmarks for youth focused bicycle safety education programs
  • Bike the Bend Cyclers groups in area schools and the Recyclers Earn A Bike program for area youth.


We are grateful for the financial and in-kind support of our many sponsors and volunteers.  Without their continued support, there would not be a Bike the Bend bike ride for us all to experience.








Thanks To Our Sponsors!


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